Hayley Jane’s performance is layered with raw intensity + linguistic prowess.  She has a deeply emotive + highly magnetizing presence that’s generating a serious buzz in the industry.

Hayley Jane pulls inspiration from a variety of styles, including 60s/70s rock + pop, musical theater, folk, blues, soul, reggae, psychedelic, funk, bluegrass + country. Her music has been praised by a wide range of musicians, producers, music lovers + the like, for successfully combining a diverse sound with clever, over-the-top lyrics + Vaudevillian style storytelling.

Hayley's on-stage energy + theatrics draw her crowds into a vivid landscape of emotion.  She reawakens her audiences to the wild parts of the soul - medicine so needed in these modern times.

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tour dates


Hayley's "Road to Shakori  Tour" is happening now!  Here's a little promo with more information about it.  The video also includes Hayley playing one of the new tunes she'll be sharing this fall titled, "Work of Art".   Road to Shakori Tour dates are listed here on the website.   We hope to see you out at some of the shows.

"Work of Art", written by Hayley Jane, is about understanding + embracing the process. It’s important to find a balance of being honest with yourself, but also being gentle with yourself while you do the work needed to become who you want to become.